Attacking a castle

There are two main ways to attack a castle:

If you want a quick win, storm the castle you want to capture. If your men are good at waiting, choose a siege. This takes a long time.
1. First, roll the catapults into place and load them with fire balls. Give the signal to fire.
2. Next, take the battering ram up to the gate. Hammer on the gate until it gives way.
3. After that, lay the tall ladders up against the walls and send the soldiers up.
4. Finally, when you get inside fight the enemy with bows and swords.

1. Surround the castle so no one can get out.
2. Do not let anyone take food or drink into the castle.
3. Throw rocks over the walls with a catapult.
4. Wait until everyone in the castle runs out of food or gets ill. It might take a few months.
5. Capture the castle when the enemy surrenders.